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We know that our greatest asset is our people and that’s why the careers of our employees are our priority. Every one of their personal successes is a success for our whole business and we want to celebrate these. #YourHaysStory looks at the unique journeys of some of our employees – what they’ve learned, why they love what they do and how they have progressed their careers. Their stories are an insight into the fast-paced, motivating and rewarding world of Hays.


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Hollie Wildman

Hollie Wildman


New to recruitment? Earn more today.

Like many of my colleagues I had no prior recruitment experience before I joined Hays. However, I’ve always been a ‘people person’, and I knew I wanted to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment with high earning potential.

It was clear from my very first interview that the ‘work hard, play hard’ culture at Hays would be an excellent fit for me. A strong support network and an outstanding internal mentor helped me develop my skills and before long I was earning significantly more than I expected on a graduate scheme. Fast forward four years and today I am a manager heading up my own team.

However, sales can be a challenging line of work, especially when you first start. So what should an ambitious new recruiter at Hays do to overcome these challenges and boost their earnings?

1. In the face of a negative, stay positive

Being sociable, friendly and upbeat is a pre-requisite for recruiters – but when a client says ‘no’ to a business proposal even the most positive amongst us can feel downcast. It is important to remember that a ‘no’ is a response, and therefore dialogue is still open. Don’t give up. Go back with a clearer proposition, explain how you will add tangible value. Stay committed to building relationships with your clients. The more resilient you are, the quicker you will bounce back from a negative response and get back to winning new business.

2. Expertise = a stronger reputation

You must aim to become an expert about the industry you are recruiting in, as this will garner you a stronger reputation in the market. However, when you are just starting out, this can be a daunting prospect. I would advise a practical approach: pick a relevant, specific focus area to become more knowledgeable about rather than overwhelming yourself. Similarly, be sensible and schedule what you need to know and for when. Finally, whilst you will soon be able to confidently say you are an expert recruiter, during these early stages of your career, don’t be afraid to say: “I don’t know – but I know who does!”

3. Lean on me

You should never lose your drive to do better and earn more. The beauty of a job in recruitment is that it is all in your control. With uncapped earning potential, it is unlikely that you will lose motivation to work hard. However, everyone can feel overwhelmed during the beginning of their career, and recruiters are no different. During these times, it’s good to turn to others for support and motivation. It goes without saying that at Hays you will be surrounded by like-minded people. Supporting, helping and pushing each other to do better comes naturally to us, and nothing will get you back on your feet faster.

Whilst I have been advising on how to boost your earnings, you should always remember the true value of our work. Only this week I placed someone who had been struggling for quite some time to find a role elsewhere. Their happiness when I broke the news of an offer was a reminder that every placement is about more than just hitting a target: it is about making a real difference to people’s lives.

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Maruf Ibrahim

Maruf Ibrahim

Principal Consultant

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What does it take to be a rising star at Hays? Four top tips.

I joined Hays in 2014, without any prior commercial experience. However, I was willing to learn, and I’ve always been absolutely determined to build a successful career for myself. I was promoted twice within 18 months of working in recruitment. Here are my tips for a successful career at Hays, the number one recruiter.

1. Take advantage of training

Despite my lack of industry knowledge, I was able to develop my skills and progress quickly thanks to the exceptional, world-class training on offer. I was part of the Hays Rising Stars programme, where I was able to regularly meet with senior figures from throughout the organisation and learn more about the wider business strategy. I’ve found that understanding the bigger picture and what is happening across Hays is critical in developing my own career and getting great results.

2. Deal with rejection head on

Despite the promotions I’ve enjoyed, my career has still had its challenges. It goes without saying that effectively dealing with rejection is something all recruiters have to learn. In the aftermath of a client turning down your call, a potential client opting to work with a different recruiter or a candidate taking another job, being truly tenacious is vital. Having a clear vision and a strategy, and continuing to believe in this even when you have a few knocks will be instrumental to your success.

3. Put yourself in their shoes

In my opinion, a more frequently overlooked skillset that every recruiter also needs in order to be successful is being empathetic. I’ve learned to be understanding of how my clients work, and sympathetic to any previous experience they have had working with recruiters. It is equally important to be supportive of candidates, and considerate of their ambitions and concerns. I may be in a sales role, but I never forget that I am dealing with people’s businesses and lives.

4. Draw on team support

The support at Hays goes well beyond formal training, and some of the valuable pieces of advice have come from my colleagues, both those senior to me as well as my juniors. I wake up each morning excited to go to work: not just because of what I do, but because of who I do it with. We are all focused on our individual sales, but we want to be a success for our team too. There is a real community spirit here at Hays, and we all aspire to be encouraging and helpful from day one, no matter how busy we are – even the Directors here have time for you!

My success wouldn’t have been possible without the training, mentoring and support I received at Hays. For anyone who is prepared to work hard and takes up the training on offer career success could be just around the corner.

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