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Life at Hays

Life at Hays

Hays operates a high performance environment and our internal company culture is fast-paced and constantly evolving. We describe our culture as a meritocracy; a culture that promotes and rewards based on the merit of your personal performance, because you are our greatest asset.


We hire based on potential, we train skill. Potential is displayed through our brand values –  These are the attitudes, skills and qualities we look for in our people. The same  qualities that make us successful as individuals and as a leading team in the world of work:


Excelling in recruitment is all about being curious about people and about the worlds in which they work.


We are a results-orientated business, which means we're incredibly driven. We have energy and dynamism and we're ambitious for clients, candidates and our team.


As experts across 20 different industry sectors, we have a deep and broad understanding of our markets and the people within them. Everyone at Hays shares their knowledge with clients and candidates across our expanding network.

Passionate about people

Recruitment is a people business and we put the creation of valuable, lasting relationships at the top of our priorities. We want to help people fulfil their potential and be all that they can be.

Meet our people


Our greatest asset is our people and the careers of our employees are our priority. Everyone at Hays has their own story of their journey since joining our teams.


Find out more about our people and their Hays story.

Maruf Ibrahim

Principal Consultant

Despina Solomou


Graeme McCormick

Managing Consultant

George England

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Carolyn Dickason


I first joined Hays in 2002, starting as a trainee recruitment consultant within the Accountancy & Finance team in the UK. I did not have previous recruitment or finance experience however with the support of Hays I developed my skills in recruiting part qualified finance professionals within the commercial sector. After early success in developing and servicing key clients and candidates, I progressed to a management role and furthered my development by taking responsibility for mentoring and developing a region of offices. After five years combining these responsibilities, an opportunity arose to lead Hays’ tax business. I was lucky enough to work with an excellent group of people, growing the business and the capabilities of our team by always focusing on the client and candidate experience.

In 2009 I took advantage of Hays’ global footprint and transferred to Australia. This was an amazing experience and the support I gained in my relocation was fantastic. In Australia I lead Hays’ specialist business units incorporating our Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Retail, Legal, Contact Centres, Office Support, Procurement and Life Sciences. My focus was developing the businesses into a cohesive unit that continues to deliver a high quality service to Hays clients and candidates alike.

After six successful years in Australia I returned to the UK in 2016 and now head up our Finance Technology and Financial Markets division based in the our flagship office in London.

I’m naturally inquisitive and place very high expectations on myself which is why Hays is the perfect place for me. I work hard and have an incredibly rewarding international career to show for it.

"I’m naturally inquisitive and place very high expectations on myself which is why Hays is the perfect place for me"

Despina Solomou


I am a senior consultant managing a team of 5 finance consultants.

I completed a BSc in Psychology at Brunel University and I wanted to secure a role where I was interacting with different types of people on a daily basis. A month after graduating I interviewed with the Hays Finance team and secured a role recruiting for credit control roles within Media and Leisure industries.

Only 3 years later and I am managing a team of 5 consultants whose success I am responsible for.

I believe that you get out what you put in to the role. It’s a career where hard work is really important but well recognised. A positive attitude and taking every opportunity that is offered to you has also helped me get to where I am.

"The culture at Hays is fantastic. There's a lot of energy in the office. There's lots going on, from the moment you walk in it's non-stop."

Antonia Basile

Recruitment Consultant

I joined Hays in London two years ago as an Associate Consultant within the Sales team. I had just moved to the UK from New Zealand and it was my first recruitment role, having come from a sales and retail background. I was excited about the opportunity to work for the #1 recruitment company where I knew I would be offered on-going training and career development opportunities.

I now work as a Recruitment Consultant in the Marketing team where I am responsible for building strong, lucrative relationships with our Key Account clients. My role includes extensive relationship management, project management and working on high volume recruitment projects as required by my key clients. I love that my job is fast-paced and dynamic, and no two days are ever the same. The time flies and there’s always plenty to do so I’m always kept busy.

I’m also involved in coaching and developing new starters across my office which has given me a taste for people management – I’d love to pursue a career in training, learning and development at Hays and know that this is definitely a possibility and one of the advantages of working for such a large organisation.

“I love working for a company where I can create my own career path and where hard work is rewarded.”

Chantelle Kemp

Senior Systems Trainer

Having been in recruitment already for three years, I joined Hays Sydney, Australia in 2011 as an Associate Recruitment Consultant. I managed volume recruitment campaigns for global brands including Coca Cola, Reckitt Benckiser and DHL across the logistics and supply chain division. I’d worked for a large agency before but coming to Hays was definitely the right choice and a much better fit for me.

In 2014 I took advantage of Hays’ global presence and transferred to the UK to join the national Training, Learning and Development team as a Systems Trainer. After just three years, I got promoted to become a Senior Systems Trainer and I know there is plenty more ahead for me if I continue to work hard.

I love working at Hays and I love my job - every single day I train our consultants to become experts at searching and sourcing for talent using Hays’ industry leading database, OneTouch, and social media. I work alongside our global IT Development & Training teams influencing the way our technology is built, ensuring our people’s success and helping Hays stay number one.

Starting as a Recruitment Consultant and moving internationally into Training has shown me how Hays supports you in recognising your talents and developing your potential, offering you career advancement and professional development.

“Success is earnt through hard work, determination and having a management team that believes in your ability to succeed. Some of the best memories, friendships and successes I have had are from my time spent at Hays. They really do power your world of work.”

Maruf Ibrahim

Principal Consultant

I joined the Accountancy and Finance division of Hays with a degree in Business Management from Kingston University and a year of previous sales experience. I wanted to secure a role where I was interacting with different types of people on a daily basis and would have the opportunity to progress and develop.

From my time as an Associate Consultant through to now, I have always been supported and mentored by senior members of the team, many of which are now good friends, and world-class training. Couple this with a lot of hard work and endless amounts of determination, I am constantly able to reach my set targets – which, with the help of Hays’ generous commission scheme and knowing I am actively making a difference to someone’s career, makes all the effort worthwhile.

I’ve worked for Hays now for three and a half years, I’ve had three promotions and helped to grow my team from 2 to 5 consultants – I’m excited to see what the future holds.

“No two days are the same in recruitment. This job is perfect if you love working with people and making a real impact on people’s lives. Hard work and integrity will get you far within this industry.”

Graeme McCormick

Managing Consultant

Upon graduating in 2013 I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I went travelling for 9 months and when I returned a friend of mine that worked for Hays suggested I consider a career in recruitment. The brand values at Hays aligned closely with my personality – I am very inquisitive, ambitious and passionate about people.

I joined as an Associate Consultant and during my time with Hays so far, I have been lucky enough to have worked in 2 offices, starting in Edinburgh before moving across to Glasgow. After just six months in the role I was selected to head up our new Architecture business in Glasgow and today I am now a Manager in the Construction and Property division.

My Hays Story shows why this is such a great place to work - through hard work and dedication, you can go from being an Associate Consultant to a Manager within just 3 years. Hays develops talent and doesn’t just promote on length of service – this meritocratic culture can be seen right across the business.

Recruitment is challenging and it’s definitely not for everyone. The first year in particular is probably the toughest but you really do get back what you put in, the training is outstanding and I am proud to work for the UK and Ireland’s largest and most successful specialist recruitment business.

"Hays doesn’t just offer a job, it’s a career. I take inspiration from the fact that our UK MD himself was once a consultant just like me. The sky is the limit and I’m excited where my Hays career will take me next!"

George England

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Before working at Hays I was a plumber and even though I enjoyed my job I really struggled to see a long-term future in it. I decided to change my career path and find a job where I could have a rewarding career and receive lots of personal and professional development. Upon doing my research it seemed that becoming a recruiting expert at Hays would give me all of that and it was really encouraging to see that it didn’t matter to Hays that I didn’t have a degree or previous sales experience.

My Hays story began in January 2016 when I joined the Bristol office and began working in the Construction and Property specialism on a Maintenance Trades desk. I was really pleased that Hays matched me to that team as it gave me an opportunity to use my industry knowledge and key contacts and meant that I could present as an expert from the beginning.

I knew straightaway that I made the right decision joining Hays. On my first day I was calling candidates and clients and was immediately given full responsibility over my own business. Getting stuck straight into the job helped build my confidence and made me feel like a valued member of the team. In my first month I was sent to London to complete four days of training with other Associates and, before I knew it, got my first promotion at nine months to become a Recruitment Consultant. I’ve just celebrated my second promotion to Senior Consultant and look forward to many more.

At Hays I’m surrounded by so many inspirational people who truly are the best at what they do and everyone is so supportive and eager to share their expertise with you. My manager is one of the highest billing consultants in the country and one of my colleagues recently got awarded Intern of the Year so it’s really motivating. It’s fantastic to work with such amazing people and it’s easy to see why Hays has won so many awards for its people and culture.

"I’m happy that I made the decision to start a career as a recruiting expert at Hays. I’ve enjoyed career progression and personal development from day one and I know that this will continue if I work hard and deliver results."

A day in the life

If you are excited by the fast-paced environment, variety and people focus that working in the world of recruitment can bring then search: Join Hays. Become part of the UK’s biggest specialist recruiter and a UK’s best place to work – Glassdoor & rate my placement, start #YourHaysStory.

  • 08:30am

    I get into the office early to plan my day and write my ‘to do’ list. I review the candidate applications I’ve received overnight from my job adverts and the proactive candidate marketing I sent out previously and call suitable people to assess them over the phone and book them in for an office interview.

  • I have a candidate interview booked in so head to reception. I will use my expert questioning skills to assess their technical skills and identify their aspirations so I can match them to the right role. The candidate is really strong and agrees to work with me exclusively so I can dedicate my time to getting them their ideal job.

  • 10:00am

    I come back to my desk and use my database to find the most relevant companies to call on behalf of my great candidate I just interviewed. I call them up speaking confidently and passionately about how this person will add value to their business. I am delighted when one of the companies tells me that they are recruiting right now and this candidate sounds like a good fit!

  • I arrange for the candidate to attend an interview with the client I just called and create the job vacancy on the system so my colleagues can refer other suitable candidates to me. I continue my business development calls – I have seen a job advert to follow up, I know a company in my area has just won a new project so will probably need to recruit soon and I want to call a client I placed a new candidate with to do aftercare.

  • 12:00pm

    I post my candidates profile on our website and send their CV to a number of relevant companies to try and get them some more options to consider. I post the new vacancy on the internet and run a search on my database to find more suitable people. I send the job profile to them via email before I grab a quick lunch.

  • I call my candidate from this morning to book them in for an interview with the company I called this morning. They are really happy with what I have done so far so when I ask if they know anyone else looking for work they give me the name of another great candidate.

  • 14:00pm

    I have two references to take for some candidates that I have on interview at the moment so I make those calls. I make my aftercare calls to ensure that candidates I have placed are performing well.

  • I am off to a client meeting to try and win business from a new company that I rang last week. They have been working with another agency but they are not happy so I sell ‘Why Hays’ convincing them that I can provide a better service. They are convinced and give me a job vacancy to work on.

  • 16:00pm

    I get back to the office and get sourcing candidates for the job vacancy from the new company. I find a number of relevant people on our database so call them straightaway to tell them about the role. I speak to another couple of candidates I have interviewed previously to see if they are interested or can give me referrals.

  • I call my clients to give them an update on what I have done for them today and then ring my candidates are do the same. I attend a team meeting to celebrate our success and start planning my ‘to do’ list for tomorrow.

  • 18:00pm

    I make sure that my job adverts are all uploaded on the job boards, my candidate profiles have been posted and I have actioned my emails and any outstanding compliance. There’s a networking event to go to tonight – they happen every couple of months and they are great for growing my brand and building my reputation. It has been a busy day but I am excited by the prospect of meeting more candidates and clients.

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